We work in close collaboration to provide a variety of legal services and address your needs as they arise. When we work with you monthly, you don't need to pay a new team to "relearn" your business every time a new legal issue arises. Through our client-centered approach, we strive to understand the vital components of your business, circumstances, and history so we can pave the best path forward. From small startups to multinational corporations, we have had the privilege of advising companies of various sizes from across the globe. 

Tackle issues as they arise without the in-house attorney price tag

Receive access to a lawyer on speed dial for a flat monthly fee

"...ALGO has been instrumental to the scaling of our business. Our company has verticals in several different industries—construction, real estate development, food & beverage, hospitality operations, investment funds and fintech. Ignacio and the rest of the team have shown to be agile enough to adapt and assist across our several industry verticals while understanding the different needs across all stages..."

Describe how you helped them. You have this much room to share about what you did for them. 

Site Development

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"The team at ALGO has been instrumental to my growth. They have handled everything from partnership agreements to my first manufacturing agreement. We are now selling products to national retail chains and I couldn’t be happier with how they have worked with me through my growth."

Describe how you helped them. You have this much room to share about what you did for them. 

Product Manufacturing

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"Ashley and the team at ALGO Law Firm helped me negotiate multiple deals for my personal brand. They not only helped with contracts, but they guided me on who is a good partner, who isn’t, and explained why. After working together for one year, they negotiated a one-year six figure salary contract with an international brand.”

Describe how you helped them. You have this much room to share about what you did for them. 


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Make your life a little more predictable

Work with us on a regular basis and pay a fixed monthly fee so you don’t have the hassle of worrying about paying an hourly rate as legal issues arise. With the ability to renegotiate your flat monthly fee every quarter based on the amount of work needed, you save money without the added stress of dealing with unexpected hourly costs. With our client-centered approach, we are always open to discussion when it comes time to reevaluate your current coverage needs. 

Say goodbye to those surprise legal bills

The Investment: Please inquire about pricing

We offer a variety of critical legal services to tackle any pressing issue as they arise

What’s Included:
  • Exactly what your company needs and nothing more…
  • Please contact us to discuss our full list of services and determine goodness-of-fit

Outside General Counsel

What to Expect…

We like to keep things simple

step one

Meet with Ignacio or Ashley and either negotiate or sign terms. This step usually takes place within 24 hours.

step two

Reach out whenever you need assistance with legal concerns. The price is broken into monthly payments, so you never have any surprise legal bills to contend with.

step three

Reevaluate your current coverage needs every quarter based on the amount of work you require. Everything not included in the retainer is always negotiated beforehand.  

Led by Founding Partner Ignacio M. Alvarez, a law enforcement veteran of over 25 years and former police major, you get access to an extremely unique skill set that provides insights from both sides of the law. Our sole objective is to achieve the best results for you. With our personalized client-first approach, we take measured steps to quickly immerse ourselves in your business and operate as an extension of your team to manage risk, resolve pressing interests, and achieve your goals.

ALGO brings decades of diverse real-world experience in a variety of legal areas and domains.

We are not your traditional law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t use all my hours?

Some months you win and some months we win, but in the end, it all evens out. The correct flat monthly rate will ALWAYS be better than counting the minutes. 

What are your minimums?

We can’t answer that question until we know the scope of your business. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Contact us to see how we may best serve you

Tackle your pressing legal issues without the nuisance of added costs